POWERFAN is an intelligent device for making the adrenaline that safely floods your body during a freefall, without you having to open a parachute or tie your feet to a bungee cord.



POWERFAN means a fast fall and a soft landing. This is made possible by a mechanism with a fan that constantly and safely controls the fall. The participant wears a harness and is hooked by a carabiner to a rope wound around a conical spool. Thus prepared, the daredevil steps out into nothing and falls, the rope unwinds from the spool, simultaneously starting the fan. The fan absorbs the energy from the falling person and at the same time ensures a smooth landing on the ground. POWERFAN is not run by a motor and does not need a power source. The falling person provides everything. POWERFAN is capable of thousands of falls without major maintenance. It also contains a counter that keeps track of the number of falls and determines when it needs maintenance or supply replacement. Currently, the equipment is available for falls up to 13, 20 and 30 meters. POWERFAN is a safe and certified product.

Who is it suitable for

The standard is a minimum age requirement of 6 years and a maximum age is not directly set, it depends on the participant’s own judgment. The minimum weight is 20 kg and the maximum is 120 kg.

Staff requirements

Minimal with year-round operation. However, instructors must be trained.  

Where and on what to build them

POWERFAN can be installed on anything high above the ground (a column, bridge, tree, building, crane, etc.) and can be used for descent (fall) as well as for belaying during ascent, e.g. up a column or tree.

Project Outdoor is the sole distributor for POWERFAN in the Czech Republic.