Before you decide to build a ropes course, ask yourself the following questions in order to help you make the right choice of products and to determine potential operating problems.

  • who will visit the ropes course and for what purpose (tourists, schools, families etc.)?
  • what age group will be predominant?
  • how many rope elements will the facility contain?
  • where will the facility be built and are mature trees available for building or will it be necessary to built on poles, and therefore how big an area is available?
  • what other facilities will you offer for your participants (toilets, restaurant)?
  • how accessible will the facility be for participants (entrance, distance from parking lot)?
  • will the facility be fenced off or freely accessible?
  • how many instructors will you have available??
  • will you operate year-round or seasonally?
  • how will you finance building the ropes course (in-house, loan, grants, subsidies…)?