Safety of ropes courses

We have inaugurated our first ropes course in 2000. Nowadays, over 100,000 participants come through our facilities every year.

In all ropes courses operated by Project Outdoor SAFETY IS THE FIRST PRIORITY!

The last few years have seen a sharp rise in the number of ropes courses and adventure parks being built. Individual courses differ from each other in execution, location, products, prices, clients and unfortunately also safety.

This primarily entails minimizing objective dangers. That is, danger that the participant cannot influence himself and that occurs due to failure, underestimation or absence of certain components (material, construction, information, etc.). These components should ensure the participant’s safe movement on the elements where there is a risk of falling or serious injury.

Our quality guarantee is based on the following pillars:

  • Project Outdoor instructors are professionally trained using the method accredited by the MEYS.
  • We build all our ropes courses in accordance with ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) standards and norms EN 15567-1: 2008 (Little climbers also conforms to the norms for children’s playgrounds EN 1176-1).
  • We have many years of experience connected with operating facilities of our own and in partnership.
  • Project Outdoor ropes courses operate in compliance with norms EN 15567-2: 2008.
  • We always use a backup belay system. Critical material links are backed up in the prescribed manner.
  • We use carabiners with a safety catch and full-body harnesses.
  • The rock climbing gear we use in our ropes courses comes from renowned manufacturers and meets all industry norms. The specific steel material and atypical components specially used in our ropes courses meet the rigidity standards recommended by the ACCT and are tested and certified by the Technical and Test Institute for Construction in Brno.
  • Project Outdoor has liability insurance. In the event of any accident our insurance will pay you whatever damages that we (however unwillingly) caused to you. Participants in our programs are not required to sign any waivers clearing us of any responsibility as operators
  • Participation in programs in our ropes courses is voluntary.