Trinity Ropes Course

The Trinity Ropes Course in Cheb is designed for everyone ages 3 and up. It has several circuits with continuous belay, a giant swing, Powerfan and a children’s ropes course with safety nets.

POWERFAN means a free fall and gentle landing. The fan mechanism ensures a consistent and safe fall. Visitors wear a harness with a carabiner snapped to a rope wound onto a spool. Then they step off the ledge and fall while the rope unwinds from the spool, which also powers the fan.

The BIG SWING is a sophisticated system for getting a scream out of almost anyone. Before leaving the ground, visitors are strapped to two wires in the shape of a V. Then they are lifted up to 16 meters off the ground by a giant reel and swung in a circle so that both wires remain taut at all times. Finally a staff member releases them from the reel and they free fall into a smooth swing.

This project includes the following products from our portfolio:

Children´s rope course - ropes elements with safety net suspended on the houses ranging from one to eight meters above the ground.

Ropes courses and ropes parks – set of elements built mainly horizontally on trees or posts.
Powerfan – a step into the void. A free fall from up to 30 meters off the ground with a soft landing.

Big Swing – a true adrenaline-pumping ride for everyone, made even better because two people can jump at once.

Treetop Walkways and Bridges – moving from place to place high up in the trees, over the water or over ravines.