Why us?

We offer our clients:

  • preparation of professional visualization of a ropes course,
  • preparation of technical documentation,
  • complete supply and execution of construction,
  • supply of climbing material for participants and staff,
  • expert training and on-the-job training of personnel,
  • refresher courses for instructors,
  • annual service and safety review,
  • proposal of a suitable method of operation,
  • estimates of operation costs,
  • the option of membership in the PROUD Ropes Courses chain

In partnering with our organization you bet on safety and certainty of long-term cooperation founded on help when in need, regular equipment reviews, regular training, acquisition of valuable expert advice and information from the industry. Membership in the PROUD Ropes Courses chain provides discounts on insurance, sharing an already up and running on-line accounting system for programs, instructors, wages and creation of necessary overviews, discounts on materials and help with the propagation and advertisement of your services.