Davidův mlýn Ropes Course

Davidův mlýn offers a variety of services for all visitors.
We built a ropes course, called the “Miller’s Path”, which is made up of 11 ropes elements placed one after another in an obstacle course with a zip line at the end that lands on an island. We also built the children’s ropes course called “Water Sprite’s Paradise”, which is made up of seven children’s ropes elements placed one after another in an obstacle course.
Those in search of a bit more adrenaline can try the Powerfan ride called the “Miller’s Jump” from a platform 12 meters above the ground. Visitors wear a harness with a carabiner snapped to a rope wound onto a spool.
Then they step off the ledge and fall while the rope unwinds from the spool, which also powers the fan. The fan absorbs the energy from the fall and ensures a smooth landing.

This project includes the following products from our portfolio:

Children´s rope course - ropes elements with safety net suspended on the houses ranging from one to eight meters above the ground.

Ropes courses and ropes parks – set of elements built mainly horizontally on trees or posts.
Powerfan – a step into the void. A free fall from up to 30 meters off the ground with a soft landing.