Plešivec Ropes Park

The Plešivec Ropes Park is a place to find fun, relaxation, new experiences and an escape from everyday worries. Rest and recharge your batteries with a giant swing, bungee trampoline, free fall from 13 meters above the ground, a ropes course for adults high in the trees, and a ropes playground for children. The facility also offers plenty of adrenaline-based attractions.

This project includes the following products from our portfolio:

Ropes courses and ropes parks – set of elements built mainly horizontally on trees or posts.
Powerfan – a step into the void. A free fall from up to 30 meters off the ground with a soft landing.

Big Swing – a true adrenaline-pumping ride for everyone, made even better because two people can jump at once.

Adventure towers - a base for zip lines, jumps, Big Swing, Powerfan, climbing walls and ropes elements.