Project Outdoor s.r.o.

We are proud to say that we are the current leaders in the field of rope activities in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe.

In partnering with our organization you bet on safety and certainty of long-term cooperation founded on help when in need, regular equipment reviews, regular training, acquisition of valuable expert advice and information from the industry. Membership in the PROUD Ropes Courses chain provides discounts on insurance, sharing an already up and running on-line accounting system for programs, instructors, wages and creation of necessary overviews, discounts on materials and help with the propagation and advertisement of your services.


It began with building and starting up operation of the very first stationary ropes course in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe here in Olomouc. Within three years of opening, the chain of PROUD Ropes Courses came into being and the Project Outdoor foundation transformed into the organization PROUD Ropes Course, o.s. (operating ropes courses) and company Project Outdoor, s.r.o. (comprehensive educational programs and seminars).

In 2005 we created the independent division Project Outdoor Ropes Course Construction. This division specializes exclusively in implementing designs and construction of rope elements, ropes courses and parks, adventure parks and providing comprehensive services in connection with these activities.

Our clients include:

  • Cities and communities
  • Schools and school facilities
  • Leisure centers
  • Hotels, pensions, recreational centers
  • Sporting facilities, theme parks


In 2001 and 2002 we were members of the international organization Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). ACCT is a professional association whose goal is to create and ensure adherence to safety standards in the area of construction and operation of ropes courses. These standards were created in order to serve the global community that deals in construction and operation of ropes courses in various parts of the world. The association’s main undertaking is to develop and improve technologies for ropes courses by means of scientific research in this area.

Since 2005 we have been members of the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA). Members of this organization include ropes course operators, instructors, trainers, and builders of mobile or permanent ropes facilities. The main goal is to improve and clarify European standards for building and operating ropes courses. Our company strictly upholds the building and operating standards created by this organization.