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This is not a playground but a real children’s ropes course where children can complete rope elements without having to use belaying equipment (harness, carabiners, ropes).



A set of different types of rope elements arranged in sequence to form a track with one entrance and one exit. The elements are mostly on the theme of animals in a zoo. Wooden landings are attached to the treetrunks (columns) – these little houses serve as resting places and places where participants can pass each other up if necessary. The rope elements can be installed at heights varying from approx. 1 m to approx. 8 m above the ground, depending on the type of terrain underneath. Safety nets protecting against falls are installed under every element where there is a chance of falling. Individual platforms have safety railings. The platforms have safety hatches through which personnel can easily get to any part of the track and for example assist participants in completing the elements.

Who are they suitable for

The course is specially designed for children from 3 to 12 years old.

Staff requirements

The course does not have particularly difficult requirements regarding staff. Usually one instructor is enough to maintain order and safe operation. The number of instructors is dependent on the capacity of the facility.

Where and on what to build them

Trees are the most suitable place to build "Little climbers" courses, but building on poles is also not a problem. These courses are an ideal supplement to an already existing facility with high rope elements or a place heavily frequented by children.