Indian Trail at Skalka Family Park

We have another achievement! At Skalka Family Park, there is now an adventurous Indian Trail waiting for visitors - an attraction and fun for the whole family! This amazing place is dedicated to families with children who want to enjoy unforgettable moments full of adventure and joy.

The Indian Trail will take visitors into a mysterious world where they will move on rope bridges, conquer rope obstacles, and pass through a tunnel. And that's not all! Toboggan slides will quickly and joyfully bring them back to solid ground.

Skalka Family Park is truly a family paradise, where everyone will find something for themselves. Children will be thrilled to overcome the rope challenges, while parents can watch the joy and smiles on the faces of their little adventurers. Thanks to the chosen theme, the trail will guide visitors from Mesa Mountain through bison hunting grounds to an Indian teepee. All of this in the safe environment provided by the park we have built.

The Indian Trail is part of the Tree Village, where visitors can meet other families who share a passion for adventure and fun. Skalka Family Park is a great place to spend leisure time with family.