“Pecka” Magical Landscape

We built a unique World in the Trees at the upper station of the Portáška cableway at Velká Úpa, forming part of the Magical Landscape, the only project of its kind in the Czech Republic.

We connected seven stork nests with footbridges, creating a fun and educational world up in the trees. The trail measures 150 meters in total. This magical landscape brings to life animals native to the Krkonoše Mountains. You can see (and climb around on) an oversized deer, ant, viper and lynx with ropes attractions added to make the animals even more fun.

The biggest new attraction of the year for the Krkonoše Mountains is finally here, and we are sure that it will provide plenty of entertainment for kids and adults alike.

This project includes the following products from our portfolio:

Treetop Walkway - moving from place to place high up in the trees, over the water or over ravines.