Dětské lanové hřiště Podbořany

In Podbořany, we have made the public space more attractive with a brand new children's rope playground! And it's truly a special playground as it is the largest in the town, offering a completely new and interesting form of fun for children and their parents.

This amazing children's playground provides rich entertainment, including a children's rope center that will be a magnet for little adventurers. Children can enjoy a wide range of attractions, including rope courses, swings, and other fun elements. Whether they choose to conquer obstacles at the rope center or delight in riding the zip lines, they won't be bored for a moment!

The centerpiece of this playground is a tower from which children can embark on new adventures. And if anyone gets tired of exploring the heights, the comfort of a pavilion awaits, where everyone can relax and recharge. Giant play blocks and cards are also ready to keep the good mood going.

The rope playground is designed to make the visit a unique experience full of joy and fun for children. Moreover, it is a great place for children to develop their skills, coordination, and self-confidence, all in a safe environment.

Now, all that's left is to let oneself be carried away by the adventure, slide down the fun slide, and discover the joy of play and movement. This playground is simply a fantastic place where children will feel like they are in their own kingdom of fun!