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ZIP LINES – long zip line cable rides


Short cable rides are now a standard part of ropes courses and adventure parks, but you can have a completely different experience with zip line cable rides that are hundreds or thousands of meters long and reach speeds of up to 160 km/hour. We can create cable rides of up to 2 km.

We design and make zip line cable rides under the ZIPLINER® brand. All you have to do is provide us with the terrain profile and operating requirements and we will quickly get back to you with an initial study. Next step prepare the project documentation and make all the parts necessary for the zip line cable rides, which we will then install on location. We also include staff training as a matter of course.

The three basic types of zip line cable rides we offer are:


- contains a starting station with a launching mechanism; landing station; appropriate cable for the cable ride; a reliable magnetic brake especially designed for zip line cable rides and equipment for riders


- contains all equipment from the BASIC version + a specially designed automatic reel to ensure that all riders arrive at the same spot at the landing station (the downside of the magnetic brake used in zip lines is that it will stop riders of different weights at different distances from the landing station; heavier riders need a longer stretch of cable for stopping and lighter riders need a shorter stretch. Our reel system will bring every rider to the same spot.)


- contains the same equipment as the COMFORT version + a tensioning system (important to eliminate differences in slack on the cable due to natural causes in the event of less than ideal terrain profile), information and measuring systems (signal light for starting; meters for measuring wind speed, rider speed, cable tension; automatic camera; automatic control unit)

Who are they suitable for

Exciting zip line cable rides are particularly suited to ski centers, where you take participants up the hill on a cableway and then whisk them back down on a long zip line cable ride. Two cables are usually put up alongside each other so that participants can ride down together.

The “sit and go” concept is suitable for all age groups without regard to physical ability. Service and operation are very simple.

Please contact us for details and arrange for a visit by one of our employees.