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Adventure parks


Ropes courses for everyone who likes fun, adventure, adrenaline and unforgettable experiences. The most common type of belay is self-belay.


A set of elements mostly set up horizontally one after the other to form a cohesive track for participants to complete. Several tracks can be built at once and are usually differentiated (preferably using colors or numbers) by difficulty. After training with an instructor, participants set out on their chosen track. Every tree (or column) has wooden platforms on which individual climbers can either pass others up or rest and gather their strength for the next section. The elements are continuously alternated with all kinds of zip wires, jumps and swings, so that completing them is diverse and entertaining. The whole time participants actively see to their own safety and belay themselves on designated belay points using climbing gear. The way down usually involves a Zip wire landing on the ground or in a net. 

Who are they suitable for

Both individuals and groups can participate in the program. The usual clients are families, children, school groups and business groups without a clearly defined goal.  

Staff requirements

2 instructors are usually necessary for 25 participants. These numbers can vary depending on the arrangement and height of elements, age of participants, instructor experience, etc. 

Where and on what to build them

Ropes courses can be built in trees or on poles and are an ideal choice for regions with large numbers of tourists, adrenaline parks and recreational centers, camps and hotels. 

Please contact us for details and arrange for a visit by one of our employees.