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Building adventure towers


Specific high constructions that usually form the dominant characteristic of ropes courses or are built independently as a main adrenaline attraction. They can reach heights of up to several dozen meters and are an ideal starting place for various jumps and slides.


We build towers that are simple, but also very complex and sophisticated with surfaces at different angles. They can have one or more stories, where we typically install zip lines, jumps or a Powerfan in the highest one. We provide access to the highest story by various vertical rope elements or a rock climbing wall. At the client’s request we can also build a stairway. Climbers on the vertical elements use top rope assisted belay or belay that automatically lowers the participant to the ground without the intervention of the instructor. Simple zip lines end up either on the ground or the rider lands in a net. The standard jumps are Big Swing (for one or two people at once) or the Tarzan Jump.

Who are they suitable for

For all adrenaline seekers. For everyone who has limited space and wants to fit a lot of attractions.

Staff requirements

These largely depend on the type of construction, number and type of elements, type of program, location of the tower (independent or supplementary).

Where and on what to build them

The load-bearing construction of the tower consists particularly of wooden poles, but mature trees or steel structures can also be a variation. We can build them on a level or slightly sloping surface. They can supplement existing ropes courses or be full-fledged independent adrenaline attractions at tourist locations, sporting facilities, etc.

Please contact us for details and arrange for a visit by one of our employees.