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Training and sale of material for rope activities

The safety of the program is to a certain extent also influenced by the quality of the instructor and method of conducting the program. Based on our many years of experience operating ropes courses and implementing comprehensive educational programs for companies, we have created accredited educational seminars and requalification courses in the area of rope activities.

Educational seminars:

  • Ropes course operator
  • Ropes course instructor
  • Work at height – training workers for work at height
  • Installation of temporary rope elements – first class instructor (high)
  • Installation of temporary rope elements – second class instructor (low)
  • Rock climbing on real and artificial rock climbing walls

The rock climbing equipment we use in our ropes courses and in building our facilities meets international industry norms and comes from renowned manufacturers. These are most notably:

  • Lanex, a.s. (static, dynamic and synthetic stranded ropes)
  • Lanex, a.s. Singing Rock division (harnesses, carabiners, loops, etc.)

We offer a discount for large orders.

We also sell steel material meant for building ropes courses (ropes, joining components, reduction blocks, etc.).

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