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Inspection and repair of ropes courses

According to norm EN 15567 – 2: 2008 the operator of a ropes facility must carry out a review (inspection) at the manufacturer’s or supplier’s instruction. The manufacturer or supplier should also determine the frequency of inspections carried out, depending on the type of material, type of use and other factors. The operator should at a minimum secure these three inspections:

  • Routine visual check before every opening (intended to identify obvious hazards that can result from vandalism, use or weather conditions).
  • Operational inspection (more detailed than routine visual inspection) once every 1-3 months intended to check the operation and stability of the equipment.
  • Periodical inspection at least once a year carried out by the controlling authority intended to establish the overall level of safety of equipment, foundations and surfaces.

The annual periodical review consists of a visual and functional inspection of all components such as:

  • Wooden parts (columns, platforms, beams, logs)
  • Joining material (clamps, screws, loops)
  • Steel wire ropes (zip line, belay, guy, auxiliary)
  • Backup belaying components
  • Rock climbing material (harnesses, carabiners, synthetic ropes, loops, etc.)

The outcome of this review is an inspection report containing:

  • a description of the current condition along with any defects found (worn out, weather beaten, corroded, missing parts, loose components, etc.)
  • procedure and recommendations for eliminating defects
  • conclusions and recommendations for further operation of the facility
  • review validity
  • date and name of person conducting review

Minor repairs (tightening nuts, screws, cables, etc.) are conducted during the review itself. More major and extensive repairs requiring more time are conducted upon agreement.

If you would like to keep your ropes course safe, please contact us and arrange a meeting with one of our professionals.