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Suspension Bridges and Canopy Walks


A rope suspension bridge is located high up in the trees, offering customers an adventurous crossing over water or a deep ravine.


Suspension bridges offer plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure for children as well as adults. The basic structure is made up of steel cables for load-bearing, anchoring, and structural purposes, installed either between existing trees or between other structures (steel or wooden posts). The walkway of the bridge is made of wooden planks or beams and the sides are fitted with a safety net and rope handrail.

Installing several of these bridges in a row with transfer landings or platforms creates an amazing path high up in the trees. The path can even take the form of an interesting story or fairy tale journey.

Who are they suitable for

Our bridges are intended for anyone with the courage to try them, regardless of age or physical fitness. They are an excellent option for adventure parks, since they are available to customers of all ages.

Please contact us for details and arrange for a visit by one of our employees.