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Children’s rope playgrounds


The ropes elements provide the opportunity to develop agility, strength, balance and problem-solving abilities. We believe that these abilities play an important role in children’s development, which is why we have designed attractive sets of low ropes elements where children can have fun and develop their skills at the same time.


The playground sets are made up of low ropes elements installed on steel posts at a safe distance above the ground. The anchoring system for the elements is designed in such a way that the elements can be exchanged with other operators of these playground sets after some time.

We have designed the elements using our extensive experience acquired in building ropes courses and parks and we also adapt them to a wide range of ages and intended use (for instance, developing specific motor skills or personal and social development for children completing team elements).

Suitable for

We can provide playground sets for preschools and kindergartens, intended for children 3 – 6 years of age, and for elementary schools, intended for children 6 – 15 years of age.

Technical Specifications

We offer three basic playground sets based on a square 5x5m module and can deliver them either with concrete foundation blocks or without them, where all that is required is a flat, hard surface. Our playground sets are certified pursuant to EN 1176 and the surface under the elements is equipped with a suitable shock absorbing landing surface pursuant to EN 1177. The elements can also be installed on wooden posts or on trees.

Please contact us for details and arrange for a visit by one of our employees.