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Adventure Trails


When you step onto this trail, you become not just a spectator, but a part of the story, for instance as a smuggler or fairy tale character.


These interactive adventure trails are a popular entertainment option for people of all ages, but especially for children. The trails present customers with various tasks, such as completing a children’s ropes element in the form of a badger’s burrow, going through a rope maze, recognizing animal tracks, answering quiz questions, etc. Trails are also equipped with attractions such as rope bridges, observation platforms, tree-houses, upside-down houses, and other features for children. Travelling along the trail tells some kind of story, either invented or related to the history of the region where it is located.

Who are they suitable for

Our adventure trails can be built nearly anywhere or can be added to an existing tourist attraction (observation points, educational trails, etc.). One suitable location is facilities operating cable railways (chair lifts) in summer, so that people can take the lift up and go back down the adventure trail on foot

Please contact us for details and arrange for a visit by one of our employees.