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Adventure parks

... elements continuously alternate with different types of zip wires, jumps and swings, to make completing them diverse and entertaining ... [more]

Ropes courses for education and development

... primarily using top rope assisted belay, which requires greater cooperation and communication among program participants ... [more]

Little climbers – children’s ropes course

... a set of different types of rope elements mostly on the theme of animals in a zoo ... [more]

Zip Lines and Canopy Tours

... long zip line cable rides where participants sit on special seats suspended on special pulleys ... [more]


... a device for making the adrenaline that safely floods your body during a freefall without you having to open a parachute ... [more]

Team giant swing

...experience is enhanced by the swing can enjoy two people at once... [more]

Suspension Bridges and Canopy Walks

... suspension bridges offer plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure for children as well as adults ... [more]

Adventure towers

... form the dominant feature of ropes courses and are an ideal starting point for various jumps and zip lines ... [more]

Mobile ropes course

... those who don’t want a permanent ropes course can rent our portable course with low rope elements ... [more]

Jumps and zip lines

... a zip line, Giant Swing or Tarzan’s Jump is the ideal adrenaline-filled cherry on the top of rope activities ... [more]

From our construction sites

... the making of a ropes course, or glimpses of our building sites ... [more]